Todd founded The Cameron Group is August 2001 as a sole proprietorship.  The company was incorporated in the State of Washington as eCameron, Inc. in July 2002, continuing to use the name The Cameron Group as a legal trade name.

August 2001 sounded like just as good a time as any to start a business; however, as we all know the following month, most of the expansion dreams were dashed.  eCameron took off to a very slow start, but by mid-2002 had gained critical mass and became profitable.  The focus of the company was squarely centered rescuing failing projects.

In 2008, while Todd was convalescing from a broken back, he once again made great plans for expansion.  As before, world events hampered that growth.  Todd decided to take 2009 to build the plan and collateral as a foundation for the company he really wanted.  The result of some of those plans are seen on this site, from his book to his presentations.  What is not seen here are the marvelous employees and contractors that make this all possible.  It may be his ideas, but the team executing the plan makes it all happen.

Read more about the company history on the eCameron site.